Monday, 6 December 2010

Snowed In and Introducing Little Ms Text Pest !

No I've not gone AWOL, I've been snowed in and my broadband crashed too! BB without contact with the outside world is a like a fashionista whose credit card just got cut up in front of her- deranged !

Fortunately, my phone still worked, which was handy as C phoned me on Saturday with her 'Moonlighting almost romance' update.

"I've done it again BB. I told everyone how much I fancied him and then I texted him to tell him that the only reason he was at the company party in Brighton, that I couldn't go to because of the snow, was so he could get off with JW !".

"So let me get this straight", I said laughing.

"You told the guy that you aren't actually dating, off for potentially trying it one with someone else, that he doesn't like?"

"That's right" she said.

We both laughed our socks off for about 5 minutes, only stopping because my sides ached and her eyes were streaming with tears. While she laughed at her own silliness, I was laughing about how crazy horse lust can make you do truly loopy things sometimes.

"Please tell me you didn't do anything else nuts after sending that crazy arse text to him?", I said, still laughing.

"Course I did! You know what a nutter I am after a few glasses of wine. I sent a few more texts"

"Oh no! How many more?", I said, waiting for her punchline response.

"15!" she said snorting with laughter, which made me laugh even more.

"Listen, it's done now cherub and if he's half the fun guy you say he is, he have laughed about those messages just as much as I'm doing now".

"I hope so", C replied doubtfully.

An hour later she called back. Mr M had texted back...

"I received several very funny texts from you yesterday. You do know I am going tease the hell out of you, when I see you on Monday !"

Game on! Who knows they might actually make it to that second date, before Christmas !!

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