Saturday, 18 December 2010

Snow Sucks !

For the second time in as many weeks, my weekend plans have been disrupted by the crappy weather. Six inches of snow in about 20 minutes, one text from LL

"Errr, I'm sorry but I'm too hung over for Santa at 11:30. Not feeling good at all. Can I cancel without you hating me? x", and suddenly my morning was clear.

I could have stayed indoors, but since I was up and that Soap and Glory super size tote bag offerwas calling out to me, I bit the bullet and went into town.

Its amazing how determined a woman can be in pursuit of a bargain. I snapped up 2 Soap and Glory bags, some groceries and the paper before heading home.

Snuggled up on my sofa, watching the snow I cast my mind back to this time last year, when I was under the thrall of DG who turned out to be a triple A Bolter.

I smiled as I thought how I would handle him now, which of course would be to bin him immediately.

What a difference a year makes !

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