Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Moody Pole

I'm recovering from a day spent with a super moody T.

T does amazing building work (my bathroom and living room both look fantastic), but he can also be a little precious and stubborn sometimes, when you ask him to do something he doesn't like; which is weird really considering he's agreed to do it and he is getting paid.

I simply asked him to replace some rotten wood in the frame of my front porch. He did that no problem, but also managed to knock out both porch panes of glass.

I persuaded him that a porch without glass was non-negotiable, particularly as he is leaving for Poland on Monday. He took the news grudgingly, first telling me he didn't know where he could buy glass from.

Not being a lady who likes to take no for an answer, I went online and found a shop close by. I also ran off a map to the shop, as his Polish sat nav, didn't (just like its owner) want to co-operate!

He sulked all the way, as we made our way to the shop. 35 mins later he had got us 'lost' 4 times. It was pretty good going by T, since the shop was only 10 minutes from BB Towers!

I didn't want to take the chance of him losing us for a 5th time, so I ended up calling the shop for directions. Once we'd arrived, picked up and loaded the glass onto his van, I heaved a large sigh of relief.

That was until we got half way home. One badly negotiated speed bump by the still grumpy T, meant that the next thing I heard the crack of one of the panes of glass shattering.

Bloody typical ! I was meant to be at Winter Wonderland with LL, not trying to pacify a moody Pole and buy another blooming pane of glass !

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