Saturday, 25 December 2010

The Only Way Is Up

When a woman splits up with her man, she can always rely on her girlfriends to pull her through. However, when your ex rubs you nose in you splitting up, in the press and on national tv repeatedly, there's only one place to go to vent instantly - Twitter!

Last night's The Only Way Is Essex was a classic Twitter source, just begging for instant comment. Leading man M has been in a love triangle with his ex L1,who constantly tells anyone who'll listen to her, that they were 'together for nine years', almost like it's her Blue Peter girlfriend badge of martyrdoom.

New girl on the block L2, who sort of replaced L1 (Although M continued seeing L1 on the side!)and let's not forget, cheeky outsider S, who put the cat among the pigeons last night by confessing to be 'sorta seeing' M too.

In fact M and S ended the night in a black cab (Eastenders stylie!)heading off to the well renowned Essex nightspot Faces.

I'll admit I was glued to this hour long bitch fest, full of comings and goings and demonstrating the sheer stupidity of all the ladies concerned, allowing themselves be played by someone who is already completely in love - with himself!

I knew that fans of the show, wouldn't be able to resist a good old venting session on Twitter today and they didn't let me down. M and L kicked things off.

M moaned "Not having a public row pathetic on xmas, but just 2 say im SINGLE and have been for 9months, was seeing lucy in between, so how can any harm be done?"

Then L (that's L1, not L2!) hit back "U serious! You low life scum! How dare u even make this 100 times worst for yourself, get on with it u nasty evil person!!"

Then it was open house, as everyone (all pro L1 not L2!) piled in with their opinions on the situation.

"M needs to give himself a good scrub down and stop sleeping about! Man whore! It's not attractive! Lauren - stay clear!"

"I don't blame u hun u deserve so much better ur beautiful and won't have a problem finding someone nicer, have a fab xmas"

" M tried to make you look stupid but he came out of it lookin the bigggest fool ! chin up - keep smiling x"

All of these comments were from nice sensible people, trying to give honest and sincere feedback, but they missed the point. They proved there is such a thing as oversharing!

If you are going to open up your personal life to the world, then be prepared to be judged, sometimes harshly. I should know! How you deal with it, is what shows what type of character you are.

Looking at the Twitter traffic, M's ended the day branded as a 'love rat', while L1 has got so much Twitter sympathy, it may just give her enough of a boost, to realise that she is responsible for how she is perceived and treated by men, particularly the oh so charming M.

If you accept bad behaviour in your relationships, that's all you'll ever get and then some of the blame has to be laid squarely on your shoulders. You can't just blame the other person.

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