Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Wrapping Up Work !

I'm trying desperately to kick-start my Christmas spirit, but trying to do that while you're still at work is another thing entirely.

The day began badly when J who dragged her sick Lemsip fuelled body into work, was promptly sent back home by S. She felt so rubbish, she didn't even want to hug the year out, for fear of inflicting her germ warfare on the rest of us.

S and I quietly worked through our morning tasks before she dropped the bomb ! that our Colombian princess - Ms Thang is leaving our glamorous advertising bubble for a photocopier company !!!

Maybe it was the unguarded shots I managed to snag of her at the Christmas party, which showed the cheeky side we always knew she was hiding, but that only seems to appear when she isn't worrying about her boyfriend and checking in with him at regular intervals.

I suspect that her all controlling other half, may have had a little something to do with this sudden career change, as rather too conveniently her new workplace is super close to their home; giving her even more time to chase around after him.

Poor cow ! It will be interesting to see who replaces her, after all they will have a table full of people whose personalities they will have to mesh with.....I already sense impending hours of fun breaking in the newbie !

JO has been replaced (but is most definitely not forgotten by us!) by amiable, but throughly dull young man. He appears completely competent, but has all the charisma of a damp Catherine Wheel. Hopefully, we'll see a spark of personality from him in the New Year!

B, O and I managed to package up the last of the overseas Christmas presents (part of our company charity drive) and get them couriered to the Salvation Army home in Africa we are sponsoring.

The good vibe continued when we managed to catch out S, who always takes care of everyone else's birthdays, with a little birthday celebration of her own.

A jam-packed finish to my year at work !

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