Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Moon Has Eclipsed

There are two things I wanted for Christmas. One was a new unattached, smart, funny, emotionally secure, available man and the other was for my 'Moonlighting' couple to stop dancing around each other and sort themselves out.

As you all know I am still looking for number one (but hey, who knows what might happen tonight at Christmas party!) and unfortunately, as of last night number two is no longer a possibility.

C texted me with the bad news.

"Have just left Mr M in the arms of another woman. Cancel your best woman speech and don't buy that hat! He had a word with his friend who then 'distracted aka entertained ' me, while he closed the deal with her. I'm ok though"

How bloody typical of a man at the Christmas party, to be swayed by the office bombshell, instead of getting together with someone who will last a lot longer than one drunken night, I thought as I texted back.

"The man is a total fool! Not worthy of your lovely wonderful self -x-"

"Thanks BB. I'm feel just like you did over I, you know, ok with it. I left the party a little early, so he could do his thing. I'm more pissed off with his friend who I get along really well with and who knows the score between us, but still got involved"

"I am so glad I wasn't drinking. I just had a feeling, so I made a dignified exit. I've always had my doubts about him and I was right. It couldn't have been much worse, but I am a little hurt"

"No nice guy behaves like an arse in front of someone he knows likes him. His loss bigtime cherub. I feel your disappointment and you have every right to feel like this. Both he and his friend are idiots. But just remember you are leaving this nonsense behind for a new job and more sincere friends elsewhere. Better days and people await you", I replied.

A gentleman just like a woman has the pregative to change their minds. However, there are more grown up sensitive ways to, let someone down gently, than roping in a friend to keep your 'outgoing' love interest occupied, while you get busy with her replacement.

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