Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Apologies and Questions

First big apologies to A. I was rather naughty yesterday and 'published' some irresistable (well I thought so anyway) snippets of a email loop online he was involved in. For this, I am truly sorry and have taken the offending material off the blog permanently. Sorry again A and for those of you who missed it - that will teach you not to read me more regularly!

A was as ever chilled about it, telling me I should be more careful which I will be in future and accepting that although I had asked permission to use the material, I should have let him check the context of the usage first. Fortunately, he accepted my apology and I promised him a diet coke as a peace offering (yes, he drinks girlie reduced calorie drinks!)

Just before we draw a veil over things though A, I still think it's weird that the person in question, couldn't simply talk to you face to face as opposed to emailing you about what was bugging them. Clearly they didn't appreciate what an open, straight-talking sometimes sensitive (only on holidays and Madonna's birthday!) guy you are.

Now that harmony has been restored, I have a question what does a diva do with a crate of wine, left by an ex at their home, before the inevitable "I don't think this is working" talk or in the case of R and I, just stop taking each other's calls - the easiest break-up I ever had ! Will have to put my thinking cap on!

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