Friday, 21 August 2009

End Of The Week or....Happy Friday As I Like to Call It!

Well it's the end of the week and unfortunately, the end of the absence of HWMBO. He sounded happy enough on the phone yesterday, already in work mode raring to go....guns blazing...I am already dreading next week... argggh!

As A is away in Edinburgh (He's just texted me to say he's landed safetly, loves Scotland and he doesn't miss me and is seeing his ex - The Bear- tonight for dinner) I was forced to have a latte moment alone. I bumped into the Silver Fox.

SF is my last but one, but one, but one boss, famous for telling me that he couldn't promote me, as his existing managers (who all had degrees and lots more experience than me at the time) wouldn't like it. He said it would be like nepotism.

As if! Just for the record, you should only ever play the nepotism card, when the person you are attempting to move up the corporate ladder is patently not up to the job and biologically or by marriage related to you ....I most definitely was up to the job, but not related to SF by marriage or blood.

He congratulated me on my degree and I thanked him for failing to recognise my business potential and motivating my diva idignation to return to school and get a degree! I was rewarded with a weak, sheepish smile and back pedalling protestations about how hard I must have worked to get it.

A voicemail message from L forced me to break the news to her that I wouldn't be coming to her 40th on Saturday. She instantly batted back a "I won't take no for an answer" reponse and of course my heart sank. Sitting in the midst of my married and partnered up friends, complete with their children (who I absolutely adore but always end up sitting with me at any events with formal seat plans) just isn't my idea of a perfect Saturday.

Don't get me wrong I love my friends and their children all, but at christenings, wedding and funerals there are several questions that always seem to be directed at you, if you are the only singleton in the room.

"What about T or C? I'm sure one of them is single!"

"What happened to R? I liked him" (Yes, one of my friends actually liked him!)

"I just can't understand why you are still single" and the big one

"You better get a move on if you want to have some children. The clock's ticking" (Cheers, just what I want to hear!)

The fact that these questions are always directed at me with the empathetic head tilt (can be to the left or right, depending on the preference of the the speaker), a few sympathetic "mmms" or "When I was single" (in between any responses you might manage to give), and " You know there's someone out there for you" ; not forgetting my all time favourite "It will happen when you least expect it, when you're not looking" .

If that really was the case, my disaffected attitude to dating, should have secured me several ex-husbands and innumberable children by now!

Much like a fat friend, who's lost loads of weight and everyone keeps asking them, "How did you do it?", I am increasingly left feeling during and after one of our mega friends and family gatherings, whether just for once, everyone would stop asking me the same questions and treating me like some sort of emotional cripple.

Where will I be on Saturday - who knows, but definitely not at L's birthday. I'm sure she and the crew will get along just fine without moi.

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