Thursday, 27 August 2009

Taking The Reins !

In the game of love, sometimes long-held rules need to be laid aside to move on. A classic example of this is in the first contact stage.

The wink online has become the easist way to say "Hi. Love the profile and can't quite believe the picture that goes along with it". But what happens when you find yourself duelling with a serial winker?

JWll has winked at me not once, not twice, 8 times. While your average diva might find this sort of e-worship diverting, yours truly is over it. Instead of winking, try talking you idiot I was tempted to reply.

The reason for my tough stance is historic. Every relationship I've ever had has been helped along by me being 'proactive'. It is a skill all women are capable of exhibiting; what can I say I'm an impatient diva, who likes to sprinkle a trail of bed crumbs to help any reluctant suitors on the way to the cookie jar.

With MS, after months of kitchen flirting, I asked him when exactly he was taking me for lunch. With N, I moved my bag off the seat next to me (who says travelling on the bus can't be romantic?) and ensured I looked totally foxy everytime he saw me. Finally, I bumped into him accidentially on purpose, asked his name and closed the deal with his phone number and a date.

After an break-up however, painless ( R I salute you for making me realise that breaking up isn't so hard to do all the time, you miserable dog!), a diva likes to adopt a fresh approach. Mine was to be all aloof and 'interesting'. To stand back and let the bees buzz around me. As this has proved an overriding failure, I have decided to revert to type to move things along.

Instead of me waiting like little Ms Gingham, waiting for that cute country boy to ask her to the barn dance, I am going back to doing the asking or 'helping' it to happen. Unladylike - maybe? Effective, most definitely!

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