Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Don't Forget To Be Happy

Reading back on some of my entries it's occured to me that I don't seem to be having much fun at the moment. I seem to have forgotten that although my life is nowhere near I want it to be right now, I have to remember that everything could change in an instant and that my happiness is in my hands. At the moment my life seems to revolve around work, friends and my family. I can't remember the last time however, I just kicked back at had some simple, good clean silly fun.

Dancing round my living room with a feather duster for my partner, while doing my weekly housecleaning (which I might add is not a memory, I blitz the house once a week without fail!) has become a thing of the past. As has my dodgy singing in the shower (you haven't lived until you've heard me murder a power ballad or two!),I can't remember the last time one of my neighbours gave me that funny disapproving look that you give to a noisy child.

Today I am beginning to remedy the situation. I've booked a mini break nowhere fancy just Brighton at the end of September. I am taking my camera, my sketch pad and I am going to kick-back back big time. Mariah will be blaring away in the background, I will have my hairbrush in my hands and when the high note comes on "Without You", I will be wailing along with it, not before a spot of bouncing on my bed of course !

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