Monday, 10 August 2009

Blind Date

F has been following my dating misadventures way too closely it seems. The result was a my blind date arranged by him on Sunday night. When I say date I use the term very loosely indeed. F called me Friday night and told me all about D. D is 6"2, has salt and pepper hair, hazel green eyes, and " ok body compared to me" (F's words not mine!) and is mega brainy.

I've always been turned on by clever men. There's something about a guy who knows about stuff. you know stuf, every day stuff, stuff that's so specialist that only geeks and other experts know about it. If the clever bugger also happens to be suited and booted or dress like they've stepped out of a Gap advertisement, have a shaved head and maybe wear glasses from time to time, then I'm a goner.

This coupled with his obvious physical attributes, made him a rare find indeed. Once F had stirred in the irresistable news that D was single, having broken up from his long-term partner and was determined to 'enjoy his freedom', and I could be forgiven for thinking that this might turn out to be a good date.

As it was he turned up 10 minutes late. He then proceeded to bitch about his ex and women in general. I finished my drink in double-time and then called F. "Darling I appreciate what you tried to do for me, but next time can you just check that that whoever you might have in mind for me, is just little bit further past the revenge and rebound stage, before you call in reinforcements or me please". I think he may just have got the hint!

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