Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Too Keen By Half

If I was reliant sorely on my dating exploits to fill this blog with content, the blog would be about the same size of two postage stamps. B37 has surfaced online several times this week, but no contact, clearly he has received a better offer.

Instead of taking it to heart as I used to do, I chalked it up to yet another fickle internet non-connection moment. Fortunately for me and for you for that matter, the complicated love lives of my friends offer me a continuing source of rich blogging pickings, which is a welcome relief from my own love drought.

As you know the most colourful possessor of a complicated lovelife that I can delve into at any given time is A. A is without doubt the hardest, (no pun intended!), love dog I know. His ability to literally snare, chew and spit out men of all shapes, ages and sizes (!), just like his bulldog strut(think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever and cross that with a Staffordshire Pit Bulldog's little legs) and you have A's walk is becoming legendary !

I have often wished I had his balls (no, scratch that and replace it with... attitude) and sheer self belief that not only is he the sexiest man in the room, but he is also capable of nailing any man he sets his sights on. So if A is such a swordsman, why is he currently experiencing a little blip in his redoubtable form?

The little blip in this case is a very cute, young, sexually-gifted (or so A says)South African called M. After a hot and heavy session a week ago, while A was kicking his heels waiting for H aka HUGE ! to remerge from the drama of a housemove and a stint as a DJ; A thought he had enough of M's pie, to keep him on as an occasional lite returning bedmate.

Unfortunately, M has other ideas and has begun texting A (too much!), calling him (too much!), asking him when they are going to see each other again (too much!) and generally behaving as if A is his boyfriend. "He's too young B" moaned A, to me in the lift enroute to our morning latte moment.

"I mean he's 26, I'm 35 and we are just at you know different points in our lives, but he's so sweet and....enthusastic!" "So how are you planning to break his heart?" I said grinning. "Oh you know, the usual ignore his phone calls, texts make like i've left the country!" At this point reader I must stop my narrative to inform you that when A said this he was joking - or so he says!!) .

"Oh my God, you're going to X him, poor soul! I thought you said he was sweet " "He is, but he asked me if he was going to see me before I went to Edinburgh on Friday, I just saw him yesterday and the day before. It's just too much".

Just complicate things A is also seeing H tonight to see how things are between them as he can 'barely remember what he looks like!' A is such a Drama Queen - they haven't seen each other for two weeks, but have texted. Some of us can't even manage to muster one returned text message A, so just what is your bloody problem?

Which brings me neatly to a question when is keen too keen? Is it me with a one line enquiry - "How was your day?" (sent to PP pm of the day after our one and only date) or is it the puppy dog enquiries, cheeky stream of text messages and declarations of a young buck after a night in the sack with A?

I get the feeling that you just can't win with some people If you're too keen, you are labelled 'too sweet' and 'nice', which nobody ever wants to hear about themselves. If you act nonchalant (as H is with A at the moment), the object of your potential affections doesn't know where they stand. It's good to see a swordsman like A is just as confused as the rest of us sometimes.

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