Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Dating Coven

When you are writing a blog, not only do you become a great listener and observor of people, you also take note of all your competition.

Reading Stella's Single Girl About Town was like checking in with a bad girl, as she recounted going to a wedding, meeting a sort of ex and ending up drunk, snogging her sort of ex, who having 'finished' with her, asked why "You are attractive. You are fun. So why won't anyone go out with you". This after he'd just pulled her ! Men really can be arses sometimes!

In the Mail On Sunday just for once Liz Jones wasn't prattering on about her serial shagging, much younger ex-husband, or the millionaire who dated her once, and failed to recognise her the next time they bumped into each other, incidentially when he was on a date with a toy girl. Instead Liz told us all about the little puppy she had just brought.

My newspaper trawl was interrupted by a text from A who is spending the day kayaking with M. "I'm with little M. I think he's winning over Huge......" Can't wait for our latte moment tomorrow !

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