Tuesday, 15 June 2010

And Now The End Is Near..

Well the girls didn't hold back with their feedback re:my last posting.

LMM said "How bloody rude ! I bet he wasn’t all that himself and he wonders why he’s single?"

T2 was equally cutting "OMG the audacity of some people!!! How awful! What an arsehole!!!! What’s give him the right to be so rude!"

It is a truth universally accepted by all the single ladies, that men can sometimes act like jerks. The measure of those single ladies, is how they deal with it. I'm still laughing!

Besides who can afford to waste her valuable time thinking about an a-hole, when her beautiful new bathroomis nearing completion.

Today I returned to find gleaming toothpaste white full gloss wall tiles, newly laid floor tiles, a gorgeous shower, bath minutes from being plumbed in. I am in bathroom heaven !

Three more days and let the candle-lit bathtimes commence!

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