Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rise and Shine.

I’ve heard of men who are ‘up with the larks'. Those crazy men who keen to maximise their limited time get up at five, go to the gym or out for a run and in some really extreme caess, play golf to start their day off the right way!

I actually know two guys who love a spot of morning golf to sharpen their claws, before they strike their latest deal or chew up a rival or two in the Board Room. Strangely, enough they are both single and of course love dating babywomen !

I am no stranger to early risers myself by default. Even on the weekend C, used to get up ridiculously early, so he could have his tea and toast, play video games, watch dvds and loll around in his dressing gown, like a little boy who was off sick from school.

T arrived at BB Towers, so early this morning to get started on the bathroom,that he caught me make-up free, barely dressed, but most definitely resembling a startled scarecrow with my hair refusing to lay flat, without its customary blob of styling oil.

“I am here !” he declared.

Even before I could respond, he was busily attacking the hinges of the bathroom door, with an oversized screwdriver. At this rate he’ll finish the plumbing and tiling by Friday!

10 minutes later, clad in full war paint, skinny jeans, white vest and red ‘n’ white cowboy shirt, topped off by a cheeky black cropped leather jacket (I looked so good itwould be wrongof me not to share it!!) I left for work.

Work has been beyond quiet this week, with most of the department out of the business at an overseas conference. I’ve been making good use of the time, fine tuning pitches, proposals and drumming up some more contract work for moi.

My anticipated dull day was boosted by the return of LMM, looking beyond fabulous with a sun tan dark enough for a Miami Beach veteran to be proud of.

It’s funny how the dynamics of the day can be transformed by the presence of one person. LMM was her usual, quirky, enthusiastic, funny self. She was very happy with the last part of birthday present from me (a set of three silver frames, with pictures from the night of her Beauty pageant triumph) and was particularly pleased with my nifty photography, that had successfully captured her second runner-up sash in all its glory.

She was also full of stories about her holiday. My favourite one was typically the cheeky one.

What the two wedding guests who decided to get up close and personal in the pool, thought they were doing, and just how it never occurred to them, that no one would see them, goodness only knows!!

Which proves my long-held belief about weddings – it isn’t a good wedding, unless a little mischief occurs and if it's by people who shouldn’t be together or who’ve just met, then it's all the more naughty.

I’ve been invited to yet another wedding. I’ve been to five so far this year, which bearing in mind it’s only June, means I am just 1 away from my own world record number of times thatBB can attend a wedding 'el solo'.

I'm such a glutton for singleton wedding punishment or is it just a great excuse to buy another 'it looked great in the shop, but now I hate it' outfit.

That reminds me, I must give F a call. The last time he was my faux date at a wedding, not only did he save me from the embarrassment of ending up on the kiddies and pathetic single people reception table, he hooked up another guest. In fact he was so smooth, he closed the deal by the end of the speeches!

Nothing amazing there right ? Well what if I told you he ended up going out with her for four years, until he cheated on her….the dog! But to give him his dues, he did tell her right at the start of things, that he could be a bit of sod.

I know, never a dull moment with me, bad boys and weddings! Thank god I didn't have to throw a funeral in there!


You remember what I was saying about T being a fast worker. Well I got home today to find the bathroom stripped out completely and gutted.....my God if this man was 2 years younger, I would be would marry him for DIY skills like that!

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