Friday, 11 June 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

Happy Friday guys!

Although my friends would tell you that as a whole, I’m quite a good egg, I will own to the fact that my trust in people in the last few years has taken a bit of a kicking.

I have over the years regularly put myself out there for people, often to the detriment of myself and always been hugely disappointed when the unconditional BB love I’ve freely given out hasn’t been returned or in some cases has been trampled and dismissed. As off

Consequently, over the last year and a half I’ve toughened up. Mentally, I’ve always been a strong, independent woman out of nature and necessity, constantly operating in survivor mode, because really if I fall, I don’t have anyone to pick me up and ‘fix things’ for me, the buck stops with BB.

I'm only human so yes, I’ve hit the black hole of despair in my life quite a few times, to varying degrees; but I’ve always got off the floor however rough things were and pushed through.

Unfortunately, the knowledge that I have that strength, does makes me sometimes dismissal of others so-called problems and unintentionally judgemental.

It’s also made me a little cynical but whenever, I go against my initial gut instinct I end up paying for it. Having finally digested this valuable lesson about myself, sticking by this golden rule has generally paid off.

But something happened yesterday, that made me glad to take a leap of faith. I was trailing through yet another DIY store looking for of all things solvent cement (?) which T needed to finish some plumbing work.

I passed a very smiley salt and pepper haired man, who moved to the side to let me pass in a narrow aisle. I thanked him and headed to the cashpoint. I asked the cashier the quickest back to town and we laughed as I complained about how far the store was from the tram, particularly in heels and she told me how the misleading online map co-ordinates had led many a weary DIYer to take the ‘long way’ to the store.

As I prepared to trek back to the tram station, the nice man appeared beside me with his wife.

“Sorry to startle you, but we’re heading back into town and we’d be happy to give you a lift”

For a split-second my diva spider sense kicked in as I gave them both the once over – they do say that most serial killers are very, very ordinary - before accepting their offer.

OMG - They were both lovely, total sweethearts. They’d been in the store to pick up a loft door which wasn’t in stock and within the next 20 mins, I learnt about their family, their marriage 30 years standing – (I always marvel when someone says something as cool as that. Commitment to working at and keep a good relationship solid is something I think we should all try to aspire to).

“But we do have our ups and down, but without them we and life would be dull!”, laughed smiley man.

They talked about their business, how long they’d lived in the area and this bit proves how nuts life is, they live just 2 roads away from me. They dropped me off at my front door having given me one of their business cards and told me to pop in for a coffee anytime.

In a sometimes self absorbed, insular world where looking after yourself, as opposed to your neighbour is often not just a priority but a necessity, along with contending with daily challenges, an economy on its knees; its good to know that there are still some truly wonderfully kind people out there.

Bathroom Update Day Four

T is tiling already and says he is plumbing the bath in tomorrow. If he were 30 years younger, didn’t have a beard and was a little less grumpy in the mornings, I’d marry him !

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