Sunday, 20 June 2010

Another New Start

Since the last time we talked I have

a) Finished my six month work assignment. I spent Friday hugging it out with those who cared and was ignored by those who didn't really give a damned as I was just 'that bloody temp!'. I de BB'd my pc, tied up all my outstanding tasks left the building with a spring in my step.

b)Turned my beautiful new bathroom in a zen spa, complete with buddha, scented candles, flowers and fluffy white towelling robe - all those stays in boutique hotels have finally paid off!

c)Met up with H whose back from Singapore, loaded (she's a commodities trader),but single (her boyfriend cheated on her while she worked all those crazy hours), she's off to the States to make a new start - there definitely seems to be something in the water this year.

and d)Delivered my Father's Day card, gave him two new books and hung out with the main man - my Pop - who was grumpy, laugh out loud funny and unfortunately, not feeling well.

He has always been a little melodramatic about his health. His advanced age has now delivered a flurry of new genuine aliments for him to complain about,something which he throughly enjoys and revelled in today.

Tomorrow I start my new assignment at an advertising agency. I have my fingers crossed, that I make a few friends and conquer my dislike of working for women -I'm working for two of them. Keep your fingers crossed for me....and them!

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