Monday, 7 June 2010

Stupid Is As Stupid As

Ok so I put my hands up to sometimes being clinically judgemental and I’m the first to admit that I can be the queen of stubbornness when I think I am in the right.

But there is one quality which I marginally possess, that I abhor when it is a dominant characteristic in others – stupidity

I will admit that I have my own levels of stupidity – mine are primarily to do with men (I pick lousy ones or just ones that make me crazy!), shoes and lingerie (I don’t need anymore, but my heart keeps on telling my head to buy them and always gives in).

And let me not forget DIY ignorance (the only reason I complain about men not doing it, is because I seriously doubt the DIY gene in my brain could handle tough stuff – like laying floorboards and filling holes with foamy stuff!)

Like I said, we all have our own types of stupid, but those who lack the basics – aka commonsense - these are by far the most stupid people to me. I am talking of course of my ongoing toxic relationship with recruiters.

Today A from H called to ask me if I was interested in a dream job in VP. Yes, you’ve guessed it - the idiot (for that is what he clearly is), offered me my old role working for HWMBO ! I told I had just finished working for the company and then he asked me whether I had been there long !

What an arse! A classic case of someone trying to close a deal in a dark room, without being bothered to do the background work e.g. to read a cv, or be aware of the candidate’s last role and more importantly be bright enough not to try and recruit them for the job they’ve just left.

I just about managed to be civil with the idiot.

“Have you actually read my cv? “ I asked tersely.

“Ahem….well sort of “

“Call me when you have and if you could possibly familiarise yourself with the date I finish this current contract and my notice period, you just might have a point of reference to hand, as opposed to ringing me and asking me such stupid questions. You make yourself look totally unprofessional you know”.

“It’s very hard to keep track of candidates you know….” , he replied defensively.

“Sure it is A, but at least give me and your other unfortunate charges the vague impression you give a damn about us and know some basic information about the people you are looking after !", I responded.

As I said before he’s an arse….and I don’t mean that in a nice way! The only saving grace derived from talking to the idiot – was knowing that no one has lasted the distance with HWMBO (well there was one who lasted a month!) since I left.

Argh the universal has a perverse sense of humour, not unlike my own !!

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