Monday, 14 June 2010

Men Are Definitely from Mars !

The etiquette of internet dating continues to bemuse me. Take this funny email exchange I've just had with a truly charming fellow.

J - "Easy on the eye-so are you? You only have head and shoulders shots on your profile. I work out a lot and all of my gf's have had great bodies".

BB "How direct you are. If you mean am I a fat cow, no I'm not. I go to the gym 3 times a week. I deliberately went for a head and shoulders shot so that hopefully the guys who contact me are interested in my mind, as well as my other bits".

J - "Yeah,I hear there are a lot of guys like that out there. I ain't one of them good luck -x-"

BB "Fair play to you for being so honest. Good luck also -x- "

With moments of truth like that, it takes a true diva to find laughter where only the most shallow souls exist!

I'm not saying I don't consider people's looks. We all do, but I really hope we're not all as bluntly indelicate and 'hollow' as J is !

Could that possibly why he's single? Now stop laughing all of you !

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