Monday, 14 June 2010

Early Bird

I know I said I love T and I still do, but hell have no fury like a BB disturbed from her only lie in of the week on Saturday. As I snuggled down just a little further under my sheets, I heard the loud beep of my mobile ringing.

My hand shot out from under the sheets to silence the noise. I felt for the phone, placed it to my ear and heard him say.

“BB you come down and open door please, I ready finish tiling”

“Ok, but you do know it is 7:30am on a Saturday morning”

“Yes, I always work Saturdays yes”

“I guess so. Give me two minutes” I said grumpily, trying to put the phone back on the nightstand, missing completely and landing with a thud on my bedroom floor.

One cup of coffee later and I was back in the land of the living. I popped next door for my shower (everybody really needs good neighbours who let you use their facilities when have been ripped out and now reside in your backyard ! ).

I was unbelievably out of the house by 8:30 – unheard of for me, unless I’ve got a flight to catch !

When I arrived back from lunch with the girls, I was met by an excited T.

“Put football on quick please. Nigeria v Argentina – must not miss football !”.

I obliged then left, knowing full well that I would get no further sense out of him. By the time I got back the football was over and the tiling was done thank goodness!

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