Friday, 4 June 2010

Well the end of week or Happy Friday as I like to call it and it's as if C left months ago and some of those shady habits I was forced to retire when C was around have reared their ugly head again.

I confess my cut off shorts and flashdance sweat top, complete with colour co-ordinated fitflops have been resurrected from hibernation.

And what else does a diva do when dressed up like an extra for a bad dance movie, but do a workout dvd. The one I used to do in my living room is now on daily and I hate to admit it, but i'm enjoying it.

In fact, the music was so loud yesterday, that my neighbour to the right, thought it couldn’d possibly be just me making that much noise.

My weekly face mask is back with a vengeance! My face wrinkles into looking like a prune, while the mask works its magic, before being washed away to ‘reveal’ the newer, younger (well that’s what is says on the mask packet!) me !

Yesterday’s masking took place while watching the repellent Z bossing everyone around again on the JA - my latest guilty pleasure.

I got so annoyed and absorbed watching her antics that I forgot to take the mask off and managed to freak myself out when I walked past the living room window and caught sight of my green reflection ! Not pretty.

I checked my messages and noticed a missed call from my Polish Builder T. As you all know, my bathroom saga has been rolling on forever.

What with disappearing builders, crazy quotes, my ever changing colour scheme and just about everything else you can think of going wrong, it's felt like it is never going to happen. Until now.

The phone call freaked me out particularly when T uttered the immortal line, when I returned his call.

"Yes, who is this?".

Once I'd reminded him who I was, between lots of

"Say again more slow" (from him, not me!),it turned out he was worried about the restricted parking on my road.

Two phone calls to the council later and we were good to go, as I agreed to get a visitors permit for him for the duration of the job.

Go step closer to that new bathroom.

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