Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The One with the update on the bank job !

That boring bank job that I thought I'd died a death at during my interview last week,came back to life today when they invited me to a second interview

Great, I thought until my agency gently let me know that the interview would be for two and a half hours. Instantly my mind started jerking backwards and forwards in time, desperately trying to rid my myself of the ghosts and fears I have about overly long second interviews..

Psychometric testing has always bothered me. The idea of some faceless person, sitting in a room judging me against distinct pockets of behaviour, on the basis of me answering some questions is really nuts.

No two people are the same and every one is changeable from day to day. It's put me off the job a little and once again it made me look at myself and the way I too judge people, in particular men.

The one man who continues to surprise me is T. Arr...if only he were twenty five years younger and had more teeth. T has moved on from casting his spell in my bathroom, to transforming my living room with his own particular brand of fairy dust.

While I fully expected him to take several days, to carefully lift off 40 years worth of paper and very uneven plaster (not mine, the previous owners); once again his dedication to getting the job done, meant that the hurricane effect he had in the bathroom continued in my living room.

I came home to find the living room was totally bare aside from the tv - T watches the football, during his very rare breaks - and the dinning room table, which is so heavy even a determined fellow like T can't move it without assistance.

The venetian mirror I have been waiting for, which was somehow delivered to a business address just around the corner from me, has arrived and as I was at work T picked it up - it is as beautiful as it is large and I can't wait to hang it above my fireplace.

For someone who likes their world and home pretty orderily, I've surprised myself by accepting all the change that's going on around me. It feels like my house is really for the first time my own.

I feel brave, able to take on surprises and challenges not to just respond to things that happen to me. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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