Monday, 2 January 2012

Action Stations !

hearts aplenty in FebruaryImage by Esther17 via Flickr Today I went to work.  Nothing extraordinary there, except it's the first Bank Holiday I've been compelled to work on in years, and perfectly sums up what happens if you don't seek out and do what you love however, difficult it maybe to hold out for.

To help me get my faux work game face on, I actually took my own advice and took some time out for myself ,at a coffee house around the corner from my work. It's amazing how clear your thoughts are just watching people going about their day to day.

I started ticking things off my to do list and encouraged by my unexpected organisation, arrived at work chilled out and hopeful.

Hopeful of  building upon the opportunities I've already sniffed out for February and trusting of myself not to leap without looking at something that looks like a result :0)
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