Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy Friday !

How Much for HappyImage via WikipediaI'm knackered but inspired !

I bumped into Y today who I worked with last year on a really fun project.  Although I had fun working with her, she made it mega clear that she felt ready for one of those 360 life makeovers happen to us all at some stage in our lives.

Before I could even get the words out, she told me she'd made such a change. Jacked in her job and the way of life she'd tied to it (long hours, drinking, rowing with her boyfriend and being tired all the time), to do what she'd always wanted which was to paint.

She enrolled at art school, met a fabulous new man and now works as a youth mentor in the Arts.  Y achieved all of this by taking a chance on chasing her dreams and happiness.  Now how many of us are brave enough to stop thinking about our dreams and just go after them.

We're meeting for coffee and a proper catch up next week :0)
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