Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Not So Crazy in Love !

Love CrazyImage via Wikipedia In my unofficial capacity as a love non-guru, friends and acquaintances tell me all the gory details of their love woes - and thank goodness, otherwise I might just run out of things to talk about,  particularly now I'm off the dating market.

Today's chapter of love comes from E who has just been dumped via that most irritating method of break-up accessories - text message !!!

WTF !!!

E invited me to her boxercise class, where I spent quite a lot of time trying to save my hands from being broken in boxing pads, as she vented her rage against TH and all men in general.

At the end of the class she showed me the offending text:

"Dear  E, I visited my parents yesterday and friends last night. Having spoken to friends and family, I can't see myself being in a position to support a family (or us) and thought I should let you know.

Realistically, I need to (selfishly) focus on my long-term financial situation. Sorry I should have thought about things more. I'm going to footie tonight. Hope you had a good day out with the girls -x-".

"Where's his back bone - talking to his friends and family before you and what a lame arse excuse about earn more than he does...and what century is this guy from?" I said, almost choking on my OJ.

"I know apart from being a dick wad, when we first met he said  he wasn't sure what he wanted, didn't want any children, wanted to travel. Then does a 360 and says he can see us being together for a long time, even kids in the right circumstances. I know he's just been made redundant, but lots of people are in the same boat right now?"

"You said it cherub" I replied.

"I know you didn't just take that crap lying down what did you reply?", I asked.

E passed me her phone.

Mmmm nice text. Wasn't aware I had suggested I expected or had asked you to do anything for me. Grown-ups talk to each other and deal with the good stuff and the bad stuff.  I am truly, truly surprised at you for sending me that text. I deserved a face to face and honesty. I absolutely wish you the best and know you will be ok.

and then a few minutes later.....

I am actually still shocked and disappointed by your message. Whoever gave you the impression that when the going gets touch you bail and that all women expect to be supported financially is a fool.

I think you have taken some of our conversations and put your own take on them and made some really unpleasant assumputions about me and women in general.  I feel like a complete fool. I thought you were an honourable man. Am I so unapproachable  and awful that you couldn't sit down and talk about your issues with me?

TH replied

No, not at all. Was going to try and see you earlier, but didn't have enough time. I might be able to talk with you after footie. Will let you know.

"He dumps me then says he might be able to talk to me after footie. Unbelievable !" said E, sinking the last of her red wine and reaching for the bottle.

There are moments when you simply have to go WTF.  I didn't have any words for E. Honestly what could I say. Fortunately, she's definitely a 'Next!' woman, but I can tell she's underwhelmed and hurt. We all thought things were great with her and TH and then out of nowhere, he sends that half arsed message and tanks things.

Text dumping is nothing  but a big fat cop out.

E texted TH while she was with me, to ask him to talk face to face, but you and I know that sadly for her, that's so not going to happen.
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