Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ebs and Flows

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 04:  A client rid...Image by Getty Images via @daylife So it's been a tough week.  As much as I have tried to love my latest gig, I've come to the conclusion that for the hours I work and the commitment I give to it, the rewards are so nominal I wonder why I'm  still actually bothering. Worst of all I am knackered all the bloody time ! All I want to do is sofa slouch !

Fortunately, I'm smart enough to know that a diva can only sofa slouch for so long, so I did make the effort get out and about to do some networking this week and I've decided to do a lot more of this to create some more gig opportunities.

S is beavering away - writing loads and generally being out and about on the hunt - I'm sure she find a new place soon.  She's seen enough properties and I've had enough virtual property links to last me a lifetime!

Back at BB Towers H is moving out this week and my search for a housemate is continues to be a challenging one.

Finding someone who thinks like you in terms of head space and understands how you need and choose to live, is a tough call.  That essential good chemistry mix and caring non-selfish gene from  both parties is a rare thing indeed. It will be interesting and hopefully fun to see how the next one works out. 

The fact that I know exactly what I don't want now or simply won't deal with is great. Instead of silently seething, I'm just going to say it and this should make things a lot easier.

The weight loss continues. A combination of the gig and the gym means that I'm sliding into more and more clothes I couldn't a year ago, so I've got no complaints :0)
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