Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Biggest Bitch !

The Bitch in YooImage via WikipediaI have long held the view that although some women can be perceived as sometimes being bitchy and gossipy, there are some men out there who could trump them without

T gave me her reasons why over a cheeky latte today. She works with two guys - one middle management, one with delusions of being middle management.  They are currently involved in a power struggle, which of course only one can win.

They are sending catty emails, have taken to gossiping about each other, like it's an Olympic sport and are bitching so hard at the moment, that they are starting to pull other people into their feud including T.

"Honestly it's like watching two bulldogs sizing each other up. All they need to do, get their dicks out and see whose is the biggest!" said T scornfully.

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