Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year, Same Old Sh..!

English: WH Smith branch in Hounslow, pretty m...Image via Wikipedia I have so far kept my New Year's resolutions for an amazing three days. The only reason for this is because I didn't include get fit, because fortunately I was able to get a handle on looking after my body beautiful last year.

Looking through the endless rows of magazine at WH Smith, it seems every womans magazine, has got some miracle diet featured on it, a dollop of fat and thin celebrity photographs and the obligatory 'true life look what I've overcome' stories.

I say you can keep them. Instead of being sucked in by these sirens of reduced calories and heart warming tales, pitting myself against them in terms of lost inches and amazing feats, I'm sticking to basics. Not taking myself too seriously, having fun and hitting the gym for Zuma and yoga.

One thing that never changes, no matter what the year is, are dating disasters. Thankfully, I'm not referring to myself . L was dumped over Christmas...by text.

As you all know I have long banged the drum about men who bail via text. Apart from being bloody rude, it's so cowardly lion, particularly if you then ignore the angry phone call of the person you just dumped.

L is meeting up with M today for a face to face, having told him texting dumping was totally not on. She looks incredible (having adhered to the universal rule to always look amazing if you are ever meeting someone who dumped you!) and is so fired up, I bet he barely gets a word in edgeways !

Lesson about to be learned !
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