Thursday, 5 January 2012

All Change Please !

Well it's not even the end of the first week of January and it's all change at BB Towers. H has started preparing herself to move out.  S arrives on Saturday for a few weeks, having spent Christmas being entertained by several of our friends and finally getting over her flat buying disaster.

She's already hinted that I will be on 'seeing flats' duty with her and to make sure nothing goes wrong this time, she's using my solicitor whose a total gem.

She once again promised to keep her luggage on the light side (it's either that or she'll have to sleep in the garden, because that's the only available space I have left at BB Towers!).

R's back from his 'boys only' holiday at the weekend, so I am looking forward to a cheeky catch up and the light has finally gone on at my current work gig too. I have to turn around a mega presentation and being the secret nerd that I  am, I'm really excited about it !

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