Monday, 16 January 2012

Balloons and Baby Showers !

Baby Shower
There's nothing like a baby shower to bring out more ooh's and argh's and general silliness then you could imagine.

Yesterday was one of those days.  Z one of our favourite ladies at work is four weeks away from becoming a Mummy to a bouncing baby boy.

N and C stepped up to organising duties, arranging the venue, food, guests and presents with all the gleeful enthusiasm of a birthing cheerleader squad !

What made me laugh the most, when I met up with them just a few hours before baby shower kick-off, was just how excited they were it.

The source of their excitement was decorating the venue and the essential ingredient was going to be some balloons.  We headed over to Scribber which was unfortunately closed to us, despite N's best puppy dog look at the grumpy assistant still inside the locked shop, who mouthed the words 'CLOSED'.

Next stop was Marks and Spencer - which was also closed and then we hurried along to Hamleys which was you've guessed it closed. C and N nattered on about how disappointed they were and just for a moment I could see how they must have been as little children and I just couldn't help laughing.

Just before we got back to the venue we found a lone newsagent open in a side street, so we went in still looking for those darned balloons.

"Excuse me sir, I know this sounds a little random but do you sell balloons?" I said smiling.

"No I don't sell balloons" he replied.

"But I do have my own special balloons you could blow up !"

He winked at me as he said it, then grinned broadly.

As we were in the middle of Soho, two shops away from a a sex shop it wasn't too hard to figure out what balloons he was referring to !

The cheeky bugger !
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