Saturday, 14 November 2009

Good Girl Gone Bad!

After x many years of being an archtypical good girl, I have decided to do a 360 and tap into my inner nasty girl and have some not too clean fun!

Unfortunately this turn of events has also coincided with two things. First, the disappearance of 'the beautiful one' aka 'The Dane', who of course was way too gorgeous to wait around for this good girl to drop her drawers for him. In this case, I honestly can't blame him though, his body was too beautiful to be enjoyed by just one woman!

Second, is my realisation, that younger guys may be hot, sexy and permanently horny, but generally don't have a lot to say for themselves when they're not horizontal with you. My conversations with R have been akin to talking to a reluctant teenager, chosing to selectively hear what you are saying to them; but wishing they could play their X-box without being distracted!

Being a good girl I was always told, would mean that you had the respect of your peers and potential partners alike. As said good girl, I have never experienced the horror of waking up beside a stranger whose name I can't quite remember.

Nor have I been annoyed with both him and myself as before the wine (or in my case sugar rush) kicked in, I had absolutely no intention of sleeping with him. No, I have missed that particular adventure out of my non-dating journal - special thanks to J, for telling me all about her episode of this though! I confirm I have now stopped laughing!

The reality is although I've never really had any long-term esteem issues (some minor wobbles like most people, two days max followed by my usual can't be bothered to be miserable about it anymore moment!). I can't help thinking that I might be missing out on some meaningless, but naughty fun.

I have vowed that next time the opportunity arises, I am going to go for it. After all even nice girls can be naughty sometimes right! I can just call it my dirty little secret or secrets, depending on how lucky and bad I am going to be!

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