Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My Big Day!

I woke up feeling apprehensive, nervous and just a little anxious. Two reminder phone calls later to my Dad and always late sister and my nerves were soon in check.

I went to pick up my gown...two and a half hours early, just in case! While the hat actually managed to fit over my head and date worthy-worthy uncontrollable weave (don't you find ladies, whenever you are about to go that all important first date you either get a spot outbreak or a bad hair day; or if you are really unlucky both!).

My hire gown was of course, missing the necessary button to hold it in place over my carefully chosen outfit. Being a diva in a state of permanent 'just in case of an emergency' alert and possessing a bag, that truly has everything but the kitchen sink in it, I was able to find two safety pins, so I could pin my gown firmly to me and stop it sliding off.

By 1:30 my Dad had called twice from a speeding taxi cab to let me know he was enroute and when he eventually arrived at 1:45, I couldn't have been more relieved. He looked super sharp, in a beautiful suit, long overcoat and trilby hat. He smiled broadly at me as he got out of the taxi. Not his usual Dad smile, one of those super proud ones, which he reels out once in a blue moon.

By the time I took my seat with the rest of the graduates, my sister and nephew were predictably nowhere to be seen and my nightmare about tripping up the stairs, while collecting my graduation scroll was gnawing away at me.

I counted down the graduates in front of me, felt my mouth go dry then took to the stairs..., negotiated them safely before, gliding off the other end of the stage...job done! All that remained was for me to high five my buddy Judith, be reunited with my family and laugh my socks off at my sister being, well my sister.

Yes, she kept it real, looked absolutely gorgeous and managed to keep her bling habit under control, but it didn't stop her being her usual outrageous self. Arriving with just one ticket between her and my nephew, she somehow talked another graduation guest into moving to another seat, so he could sit beside her. My family you got to love them !