Wednesday, 18 November 2009

It's All About the Picture

So let's cut to the chase, because you know you want to know. Has the Dane been in contact? In a word no. Absolutely no surprise though. One, I made myself look like a total tool with my last email and next you know when you just know, that someone's having a bit of fun, well that's exactly what it was.

When I saw him happily online, chatting to someone else, I had to smile. The good thing is, though that our little flirtation was the boost I needed to revitalise my taking care of myself regime.

Let's just say I am definitely no slacker in working out. I enjoy the buzz, of walking out of the gym and knowing that I've just done a major workout. But somehow the whole healthy eating "my body is a temple" gig has always been a little beyond me, until now.

Slowly, but surely in the past two weeks I've been turning things around, aided by A's bullying encouragement, I have been ditching the junk, and replacing it with the good stuff and hey I'm already noticing the difference in terms of my energy levels and shape.

Which led me to another change. When I first starting virtual dating, all the guys I knew said that the one essential element to any online profile for a woman was the picture that went with it. I managed to dig out a okish shot that passed the boys' test for being suitably alluring and I thought I was doing ok until yesterday.

Buoyed by my new look, I got A, to wave his magic photo lens over me and make me a supermodel. The results, got me more hits than I have ever had in a single day, which left me pondering - the Dane who!

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