Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Invisible Man

First I would like to apologise to G, who I blew out as well as my regular gym session, for a date or rather a non-descript date.

Non-descript dates are those dates that you think just might be ok, but actually turn out to be well, very, very dull. I sensed that this particular hook up probably wasn't going to be a vintage one, when WP called yesterday to cancel due to work.

Not a problem as I've never met him before and there is absolutely no point in ruffling your feathers, when your potential date calls you early to cancel.

The next day - now new date day, playing it super casual I texted at 5pm to see if we were still on. "Still on, looking forward to meeting you -x-". So I shut down my laptop, reapplied my lipstick and headed over to Starbucks.

His arrival on time was welcome, but my heart sank when I laid eyes on a super skinny man, with a concave shiny, bald head and all the sex appeal of a lightly boiled egg.

Politeness, curiousity and pity (for him not me!)meant that two hours, two mince pies (one each!) and two coffees later, I emerged from Starbucks drained of all enthusiasm, energy and empathy, having 'enjoyed' the company of a limp, intense, joyless man, who declared himself 'happy and lucky' but clearly neither!

It seemed my happy-go-lucky, chatty self, made an equal impression on WP, as when I checked online later to pick up my latest 'dating' emails, his profile flashed up as being online. Clearly he had already gone back to the drawing board to try and find someone as dull and boring as himself.

It's funny how we delude ourselves about how well those dates that we want to work have gone, but when you've been on a rubbish one, there's no hiding from the truth! Next!

POSTSCRIPT - Unbelievably I have just received a text from the invisible man, telling me what a lovely time he had with me and asking me how my day was. Weird - perhaps he thinks I'm someone else!

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