Thursday, 12 November 2009

What Goes Round Comes Around !

Well it's finally happened. After months of being told how utterly useless I am daily (in his opinion only!), HWMBO has got a taste of his own medicine, curtesy of a little feedback/payback from his DRs.

The realisation that if anyone has to work on themselves then it's him was kind of shocking for him to take onboard. At the end of the day he appeared drained and disillusioned. I asked him how he was.

"In a difficult place, having heard everyone's views, I have a lot to think about", he replied just a little forlornly. "Well", I said pausing cheerily "If anyone can push through this tough time it's you. After all we are in the same boat". I swear, I positively skipped out of his office.

That bitch known as karma continues to bite anyone who thinks they are bigger than her!

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