Monday, 9 November 2009

When Did I Become A Cougar ?

Having failed somewhat miserably to find a man of of my own age, who is stable, emotionally available, somewhat solvent and generally sane, I have moved onto to younger men; or rather they have made their way into my life.

R told me that he thought I was lovely, genuine and he really wanted to get to know me more. While "The Dane" just cut to the chase and described in explicit detail exactly what he wanted to do with and to me.

I have concluded that sub 30 men are indeed worthy of further exploration in terms of their energy levels, earnest nature and little boy lost personas; which is a welcome constant to their sometimes jaded older rivals.

At closer quarters, since the last time we spoke C has become my housemate. He is adorable, loves cooking, resembles a small puppy in terms of his sheer enthusiasm, is funny (although he does have the tendency to kill a joke stone dead by referring back to it constantly, normally over the space of 24 hours and in doing so reminds me of my ex RG, who always thought he was way more funny then he actually was).

Rather oddly it already feels like I am living with a naughty younger brother, but the reality of having another person, who is so clearly mentally younger, then me in my space, has been sharply brought home by a few niggly habits he has exhibited.

He leaves his tea mug on the floor by the sofa, instead of taking it to the kitchen and washing it up. When he does remember to pick it up, he thinks that by leaving it in the sink, the kitchen fairies will wash it up for him in the night.

Having been gently steered to remove his socks from our drying rack, he did as he was told, but then left the now empty drying rack standing - why the hell he didn't take it down, it clearly wasn't needed any more.

He yawns loudly like a cat repeatedly, says he's tired and then just like a small child, struggles to stay up late.....on a school night! Go to bed C, we all need our sleep!

If he is the typical example of a younger man, then I think I will confine my exchanges with them to dates, dinner and a few random naughty moments. Much less hard work, unless of course I meet one of them who gives me the challenge i'm looking for!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you better get used to living on your own then!!