Friday, 13 November 2009

The Wonder of You !

In a life that is full of running around, meetings, deadlines and trying to manage the expectations of ourselves and others; we would all do well to stop and consider that all work and no play could leave you a jaded, loveless diva. This week the entire hours I have worked are well in excess of my contracted 40 hours, but this is nothing new with me.

My extra hours are to a) keep my job and the wolf HWMBO away from my door and b) in a fruitless attempt to somehow get ahead on my To Do list which never quite seems to happen. I am surrounded by friends and colleagues who put themselves on the line every day, in pursuit of the praise of their bosses, the industry they work in and a decent pay cheque.

But what if this thirst for career glory means everything else goes to pot? What if you live to work? Not work to live? This year five of my closest friends have between them moved abroad to start dream jobs, met the man of their dreams, got married and in two cases had their second babies. All of them are ridculously happy and deservedly so.

My only real accomplishments this year, have been getting my degree - something which finally laid the ghost of me being a college dropout to rest, not just in my parents eyes who have never let me forget my 'failure', but in my own default ability to start big things and once the shiny newness of it all has evaporated, quietly 'forget' to finish them.

And let's not forget my baby - this blog, which I am proud of as it's given a voice to my opinions and connected me with people, (other than the loyal 12 who you see alongside side each entry), who I would never otherwise known about or be in contact with, through the wonderful world of Twitter.

As this year comes to a close, it is blindingly obvious that for years I have put all of my eggs in one basket - my career - only to found out like so many others, that a life without balance between professional and personal can be and feel just a little empty sometimes; regardless of however 'popular' you are in the world around you. Time to shake things up again BB methinks!

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