Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Return of G

As you all know I have spent most of 2009, praying my favourite nutty friend G would wake up, smell the coffee of life and dump The Fool. We have had several 'fireside chats' when I have been quite upfront about just how much I dislike him, while listening to her protestations about how great he is, some of the time!.

So great in fact that me and her other friends never see her anymore. I'd given up all hope of reconnecting with her, until she texted me today and asked whether she could buy me dinner this weekend. "Yes", I replied, "So long as the catch up is just with you". "Yes" was the curt reply.

I am already wondering what bombshell she is about to drop me this time. Are they engaged ? Has she gone blonde? (God I hope not, she is a terrible blonde! The colour is way too harsh on her!) Or has she finally realised, that no diva is an island and long after the latest 'flavour of the month' has packed up and moved on, your friends will still be around.

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