Sunday, 29 November 2009

The New Man

Well I finally caught up with G today and it was great. She was her normal, scatty, funny, nutty self, in short on top form- still with the Fool, but hey a diva can't make all her wishes come true, can she?. I've really missed my favourite little Aussie munchkin and our gossip fests.

Part of our gossip involved my new man. When did this happen, I hear you ask? Exactly four days ago, but strangely it feels like months already.

DG is 27, Welsh (fortunately I like the accent!), likes rugby and bikes, is gorgeous, funny and the father of a too cute son. I like him - there I said it, and on my normal track record, this should mean that within the next week he will be revealed to us all as, a liar, cheat , player or just an arse.

In this case I have my fingers crossed that he's a good guy, because I know there are still some good ones left out there!

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