Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Departures and Promises

Well the sad day has arrived when I bid a sad farewell to Big D. Big D as you may remember is one of my most favourite men.

He is an out and out hound. But what I love about him the most, apart from him being an amazing Dad, a good friend who listens to me (usually when I am at my most scatty!), whose ability to make me laugh out loud never fails him, matched with his general self depreciating humour; is his total honesty about what he offers women; which in short at this moment in time, is an uncommitted return booty pitspot.

If you're special you'll get dinner and maybe even a show, otherwise its flighty Facebook messages and a few cheeky text messages. Yet despite his smoothly executed dating moves, always laid out clearly with a 'no commitment tag'; his strike rating with women has this year been on par with a footballer who can't help but score, in practically every single match they are involved in.

He is taking a year off to go travelling and as we reminicised today over both our dating highs and lows (mainly mine of course) this year, he let slip that I am one of the few women in his life who is actually an out and out friend, as opposed to a failed relationship he has tried to transition from a trainwreck in a friendship cum return pickled (kept on ice, to be entered in the event of horny dog emergency) booty call.

" What an honour you do me big D" I laughed. "At least I'm honest about it B. I don't promise them anything, but somehow they all want a piece of big D". Which brings me to a question, why do women love bad boys?

I know why, because they're usually, funny, super sexy and so devillishly unpredictable in terms of their behaviour, particularly when dealing with their earnest conquests, that even when they're treating you like dirt, you strangely want more of the same.

The type of women who date BB's cheerfully resign themselves to always being part of a revolving merry-go-round of other women. BBs are never be around when you really need them and at that at the first mention of the 'C' word, any self respecting BB is likely to a) break out in a cold sweat and b) disappear off the love radar - as happened with the dancer (Big D, I couldn't resist mentioning her, poor deluded creature!)

Don't get me wrong I'm not judging these women who happy with all of the above. I prefer to take the higher, more entertaining long-term ground (catch-up sessions with Big D are hilarious) and be one of the very few women friends a BB has, who hasn't been seduced by his charms, adores him for being his bad self, and always being so bloody honest, that you can't help being honest with them in return.

Big D I salute you and wish the women who are about to become involved with you all the luck in the world. They are most definitely going to need it! Stay in touch Big D and as ever loving your work babe!

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