Thursday, 24 December 2009

My Bad Boy !

So you want to know what's been happening with DG? Well he's been texting and phoning and....but wait a minute we've been here before haven't we?. Whereas before I was beguiled and more than a little hopeful, now I am cautious.

Of course I still like him, I am just being careful. As with any disappointed dating diva, I have promised myself to keep my head and listen to it (for a change) instead of being overwhelmed by fairy dust and fluffy daydreams.

Yesterday, he dropped the bombshell. "I want to come and see you on Boxing Day. I can drive down in the afternoon. We can spend some time together and....." "Hold on a minute", I interrupted. "That sounds suspciously like a date. You sure you want to do that. That is a pretty high level of commitment for you. You know you would be required to turn up".

"You're not going to let me live my AWOL moment down anytime soon are you", he replied laughing. Deeds not words DG, actions not statements of intent!

Besides, forgiving someone for acting like a prat is all well and good, but not learning from what has happened, that's just stupid. Do I trust him and think he'll show up this time? My lips are sealed !

EPILOGUE - Being a man, the rationale of taking to the open road to meet up with with a diva who lives two hours away from you, on Boxing Day may seem very plausible; but of course I jumped on it. So the new plan is to meet up next Tuesday....I am now definitely glad I didn't put any money on this meeting working out!

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