Thursday, 3 December 2009

Oh No Not Again !

They say that sometimes saying or expecting the worse, means that you are willing it to happen, so somebody should by rights shoot me right about now. Why? DG has disappeared. Completely dropping off the radar as of this morning.

Our last conversation was last night, when he mentioned he had a touch of 'man flu' and was going to bed early to try and shake it off before our weekend together and he asked me to text him in the morning.

So I did. No response. So a little later, I called him and after one ring the phone clicked abruptly off, so I left it alone, all day. About 2 mins ago I sent a non-committal boy text "U ok?" still nothing. What is going on? ....I have no idea! But if anything resembling an update on the situation ocurs, well then you will be the first to know.

Update One - DG is alive and well and has rather tellingly has been active today on his dd account. I sent an email to his facebook and dd accounts

"DG, not sure what's going on with you as on dd you are shown as being active today, so thankfully you are ok. If you have changed your mind about meeting up Yes/No will do.
If you don't want to talk anymore Yes/No will also do. Not angry or put out, just very, very confused by you - B ".

The reality that has just dawned on me is yet again I have fallen foul of the dating numbers game. The difference being this time, I didn't put all my eggs in one basket and am seeing Mr Invisible on Tuesday for dinner.

Is he the one I really want? Well at the moment clearly not, but sitting at home moping over somebody who hasn't even got the balls to get on the phone and say they've changed their mind about things, is for me not really an option. Oh how far I've come this year!

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