Sunday, 6 December 2009

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues !

Well I've just about made it through the weekend without gnashing my teeth, wailing at the moon and wondering how many more dating rejections I can take, until I give up the ghost and resign myself to becoming a multiple cat owner.

As I predicted, I am gutted about the whole DG fisaco, regardless of what friends and family have told me. I am resigned to the fact that you can't force someone to like you or have any semblance of a consience about how they cut you loose. That's just life, but it doesn't mean to say it doesn't suck!

Over this weekend, I have been contacted by a variety of potential love interests (their words not mine!) . Each suitor is predictably throughly undesirable. Why four old fat guys, two men with super large teeth or three white guys who have always wanted to date black women, think that I would possibly want to connect with them beggars belief.

Also let's not forget of my lovely friends who have offered to set me up with recently broken up guys - why, why would you want to go out with someone whose just broken up with someone, it is a sure-fire route to disaster!

The result of this ring of popularity was enough to drive me to a flood of tears, as my confidence has taken an all mighty kicking. Even a diva can only keep her positivity levels up for so long. I'll come back from it, because as we know I have so much experience in this field; but this latest dating set back has left me more determined than ever to conquer my dating jinx permanently.

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FreeSpiritDiva said...

I found you via Twitter :) Reading your blog is a lot like reading my own. I'm not doing very well at the dating numbers game, either. It's like being on Survivor: Dating Edition, where the rules change and all the other play know about it, but me. I've gotten to the point where I don't really divulge to my attached friends anymore because I'm tired of hearing "You'll find someone", while they are steady on their loved one's arm playing kissy face in front of me :::ugh:::

Good luck in Daterville, hon!