Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Oops DG Does It Again!

I arrived at work with two lattes in hand, ready for a pow wow with A. When I found his seat empty, my heart sank as I realised that he was probably having a Garbo moment and couldn't be bothered to leave his bedroom and make his way to work on such a miserable rainy day. So I called him.

"You know usually I'd say you were being a little dramatic, but I have to say what I said last time, this guy is behaving like a fucking idiot! Either he's are in or out. I mean he disappears and comes back and that behaves like this!" "That's exactly it!" I replied "I have no idea how someone could turn something as simple as hanging out together, in something so bloody complicated!. If he playing around with someone else, why doesn't he just say so!"

The morning came and went - no phone call. This afternoon no phone call. Then at 5:14pm "Hi I haven't forgotten you, I'll call you back in an hour!" "Ok" I managed to say, while trying to pay for some groceries. By 7:00pm no call back, so I texted "U ok?" (which as we all know in man language could mean anything from she wants to marry me, to she's trying to catch me out so I better come up with something to say).

He replied "Call you later all good". Well its 12:15 and still no word from him. Annoying, but so pathetically predictable. Men !

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