Saturday, 12 December 2009

Mr Invisible Has No Balls !

As you may recall, when last I touched on the saga of Mr Invisible we were supposed to have dinner on Tuesday, which was then moved to Friday, which didn't happen because when he finally called me on Friday, it was way too late to meet up.

The conversation as usual was taken up by him going on about buying his house. His obsession with this subect is now beyond the pale. He has agonised and over-analysed every aspect to such a degree that I had to remind him " calm down and not kill the joy of buying your first home".

This seemed to calm him down, until I let slip that I brought my house from start to finish in 28 days and hadn't really stressed out about it. This set off a replying rant about him "...needing to be sure, about things!".

He suggested we meet on Saturday. Saturday afternoon came I texted him and told him I was at a photographic exhibition, asked whether he wanted to join me and maybe grab some dinner afterwards.

Two hours and two texts (including one to delay meeting by one hour) and two phone calls later and Mr Invisible still hadn't even left the house yet, due to a problem with the tube network (aka subway system to my transatlantic readers!).

An interested man, with a pair of balls, would have found an alternative mode of transport to get to his destination and prevent him from being labelled a serial 'no show'."No worries", I texted after his cancellation text "I've made other arrangements anyway".

My issue with Mr Invisible? If he can't be bothered to make the effort and show up once, twice or however many times, why should I get upset about it....really not worth my energy. The exhibition was great and dinner with the girls was even better!

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Anonymous said...

OMG I just got into reading your blog......where is the rest of this post? Love your deep insight into the male psyche!