Thursday, 17 December 2009

Return of the Bolter

I kid you not, DG aka The Bolter has just been on the phone to me. First I received a text "I have been a bit of a twat if i'm honest. Are you still talking to me?". To which I replied "I didn't stop talking to you, it was the other way round, but I never hold grudges, life's too short. R u ok ? (the phrase that was met with by the stony silence a few weeks ago!).

To which he replied "I'm good, just dealing with some shit. How are you doing gorgeous?" Now right about here, any smart man would have thrown himself at my mercy, and repeated the words sorry 'Sorry I was and am a jackarse' over and over again. Two ignored text messages from him later (oh yes, I can ignore people too!) and I got the call.?

He apologised for disappearing, but I wasn't willing to let him off the hook. "Why did you behave in such a stupid, immature way?" I asked. "I just didn't trust the whole internet thing or us", he stammered.

"Not good enough", I snapped. "You need to treat any relationship as unique. I am not responsible for your relationship history and I don't see why you should use you past experiences to throw in my face. I don't deserve that and frankly it's your stuff to deal with, which is why your behaviour pissed me off so much. It was just plain rude and totally unnecessary!"

"I know and again I apologise I really wanted to spend time with you, but all I could think about was what if it went wrong and...." I interrupted "If you are not willing to take a chance on meeting someone, putting yourself out there, being honest and upfront, then you are just going to wind up alone, like you are right now".

"I hear you" he replied, "So what do we do now?"

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