Friday, 11 December 2009

Technology and A Very Bad Party.

I use Facebook for a number of reasons - first to catch up with friends, next to find out what friends of friends are up to and finally just like any other self respecting diva to find out what my exes are up to!

Now don't say you haven't done it....we all have. Nervously typing the name of an ex, waiting for the search engine to flicker green with the results answer. Imagine my disappointment when I was met with an announcement telling me about changes in security settings.

I tagged my most recent long-term ex and was annoyed to find I was locked out his profile and the reassuring sight of his still being listed as single some two and a half years after we parted. Sad I know but technology can be so unjust sometimes.

However, nothing is more unjust to a diva then a badly organized social event. Have ploughed through another day of joy with HWMBO, I was looking forward to my office Christmas party. Pulled together by the Sports and Social Club I gladly handed over my £12.50 and headed on over to a bar on B Street.

What a mistake! I arrived fashionably late to be met with the uncertainity on an unsignposted venue, people I had never met before and certainly were part of my company elbowing me out of the way to get to a an overwhelmed bar, underwhelmed with staff.

To add to my frustration, the allocation of free drink cards had been totally ballsed up by the venue, leaving just four people out of 85 with them. But for the intervention of one of the committee, the large white wine and diet coke I purchased would have cost me, half the price of my ticket for the event!

The appearance of food was twice delayed and on hearing of the latest delay, I registered my protest at the whole mess, by getting my bag and coat; and vacating to the pizza place opposite - where the quick service, surprisingly tasty food and reasonable price, served to highlight everything that was wrong with the event.

Who organised this disaster ? A committee of no less than 6 people, each apparently more stupid than the other, who clearly know nothing about running an event.

I have learnt through my years of throwing truly fabulous parties, and life in general, one commander-in-chief who knows what they are doing, is worth x many committee members who forget to agree on even the most basic elements, because their egos won't allow them.

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