Friday, 29 January 2010

Happy Friday !

Today I caught up with up with A, who gravely delivered the news of my work 'demise', to our coffee crew. The response from my favourite, beautiful Polish boy server, was "Tell her we miss her and she can pop in for coffee anytime".

Arrgh such warmth - of course if this was translated into a date it would have worth getting canned for!

Back at BB Towers my enforced presence at home has resulted in a not unwelcome bonding with C, and a lesson about judging people without really knowing them for me.

I was pretty grumpy about C moving in, despite the obvious advantage of having some extra money coming in. However, over the past few weeks I've got to know him properly and I have to say that he is pretty darned cool and sarcastic which I fully appreciate.

It's also given me a wake up call on my ability to judge people and forced me to acknowledge what a picky cow I can be, not so much with my friends but definitely in relationships.

G is always saying how fussy I am and you know what she's right. I've made enough lousy man choices over the years to entitle me to finally be a little more discerning about my choices. I may not be perfect, but I am fabulous and instead of repeating it and never quite believing it, for some reason at last I do.

As my favourite character from Glee Mercedes Jones would say "I'm Beyonce. I ain't no Kelly Rowland !" Snap! Snap!

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