Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Is The Grass Any Greener Over There ?

A workaholic forcibly denied the opportunity to feed their habbit is like a man in a desert, who keeps running towards a mirage even though he knows it isn't really, vaguely crazed and longing for the reassurance and certainity of something that is solid. As the days stretch into weeks suddenly your mindset and life can overnight be changed completely.

Tonight I had dinner with G. I filled her in on all my 'news' and then we laughed our way through her work news bulletin and the A-Z of her new Nokia. While I nursed an end of meal latte, she sipped a light desert wine.

I don't know how we got onto my favourite subject surprises, but somehow G managed to utter the words that have stricken fear into the hearts of men throughout the ages. "I'm six weeks late!". I smiled, because if you remember we already had this 'moment' last year, when it turned out to be nothing more than a little prank by Mother Nature.

This time from the look on G's face it was serious. "God, what you won't do to get some attention. This dinner was supposed to be about my woes not yours!" I said smiling, using the old distract your friend if she looks like she's on the point of tears move.

"I meant to tell you,but to be honest I'm still in denial, to be honest we both are!". I reached out and gave her hand a squeeze. "I know you don't want to hear this darling, but you really need to do a test. Then we can figure out what to do".

"We ?" said G, raising an eyebrow and briefly rediscovering her sense of humour. "Of course we silly, you don't think I'd miss the opportunity to laugh at you in birthing classes and watch you balloon up, into a waddling butterball do you?"

"Thanks" she said snappily. "My pleasure Mummy!" I replied mischievously.

On the way home, I reflected on G's news. I'd arrived to meet her not feeling particularly cheerful, the shock of what happened last week has finally hit home and just between you and I, I am completely gutted.

By the time I left her, the consumption I had with my less important issues had evaporated. It's funny how life sometimes taps you on the shoulder and points you in the direction of someone who has bigger fish to fry then you do.

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