Monday, 18 January 2010

Next Steps!

Today I woke up at my usual time before realising that I didn't have to go into work today. The unpleasantness of Friday has left a nasty taste in my mouth, but being both practical and economically aware, I have no other option than to 'work' through all my emotions and find a new opening, somewhere.

Never one to let the grass grow under my feet I am already beavering away with my new plans. I have decided that I want to try something entirely new.

I've targeted a company I really, really want to work for and am putting together a presentation to knock their socks off and convince them flat out, that they would be crazy not to hire me. I really have nothing to loose, but you never do when you are at rock bottom.

The old me would have been terrified by the limbo I currently find myself in. I still am, but after what I've just been through I know can handle just about anything. January is already turning into a bit of an adventure, albeit a scary one!

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